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Applicable areas for pressure and pulling forces to change the body

The organism of a human being will eventually adapt to long term mechanical stress inflicted by pressure or pulling forces by changing its shape. In order for an afflicted body part to change in size or shape, new cells have to fill in the affected area (example: penis enlargement by using an expander, pic. 1 and 2). This means that growth in the affected body part will occur and remain permanent after treatment.

Natural changes in body shape through pressure or pulling forces

A natural lengthening of body parts can be noticed with progressing age in the female breast. Because of the permanent pulling force of gravity on the tissue of the breast, it changes its shape and size ("sagging breasts"). The same is true for age related changes of the face: an increasingly sagging portion of the chin area or bags under the eyes are often the result of external forces on the cell tissue and the body’s reaction to them.

A natural expansion of the skin happens during pregnancy when the foetus exerts pressure against the inside of the stomach wall (pic. 3). The baby acts as an "internal expander" that stretches the skin and stimulates growth. The skin across the stomach usually remains slightly enlarged after the pregnancy and appears less tight than before the pregnancy.

Natural changes in body shape through pressure or pulling forces

For thousands of years, humans in various cultures have used pressure or pulling forces to permanently change their bodies. The warrior tribes of Mursi and Surma in southern Ethiopia achieve extensive deformations of soft tissue parts in lips and ears by using permanently attached pieces of jewellery. The jewellery acts like an expander due to its huge dimensions (pic. 4). The famous "Giraffe Women" of Mae Hong Son (Thailand) owe their popularity to extended cervical vertebrae. Their growth is achieved by rings around the neck that are worn permanently and push the head away from the shoulders (pic. 5).

Penis enlargement with an expander

Cell growth regarding length and circumference due to PeniMaster
Pic. 1
For several hours a day over several months, modern penis expander devices exert a pull of 200-1200 grams along the length of the penis. The body reacts to this stress by creating new cells inside the penis (new cells coloured pink). As cells grow three-dimensional in all directions, the penis grows in both length and thickness.

Penis straightening with an expander

Functional illustration of the process of straightening the penis with PeniMaster
Pic. 2
A normal (non-pathological) curve in the penis is caused by an uneven number of cells in opposite sides of the penis. The side with fewer body cells (see illustration on the left) is shorter, causing a curve in the penis, especially during an erection.

By stretching the penis, the side that has fewer body cells experiences more stress, so new cells grow faster on that side than on the side with more body cells. The curve begins to even out (new cells coloured pink).

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Fields of application of elongation devices for body shaping
  • the body adapts to long-term pressure and pulling forces
  • for this, new body tissue will be formed
  • use for cultural, plastic-cosmetic purposes and medical purposes

Woman in late stages of pregnancy, viewed from the side

Pic. 3 
Natural growing of the skin during pregnancy through internal stretching.

Mursi warrior with body jewellery and plate rings

Pic. 4 
The Mursi tribe uses culturally inspired ornamental jewellery to expand soft tissue.

Giraffe neck woman with long neck from expanding jewellery

Pic. 5 
Growth enhancement of bones, muscle, and soft parts: striving for ideal beauty.