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The physiological mode of operation of PeniMaster® penis expanders

A body part increases in size or changes its shape by means of the formation of new body cells with the part. Regarding the male genitals this natural procedure ends at the age of 20 at the latest. If the penis is to be enlarged or straightened after this age, the penis tissue requires long-term stimulation with the capacity of stimulating further cell growth. For this, PeniMaster subjects the penis to a physical pulling force - which is why these apparatuses are also called "penis expanders" or penis stretchers.

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According to our experience the penis can become longer and thicker on the basis of an elongation treatment with PeniMaster covering several months, because new body cells grow three-dimensionally in all directions from a physiological point of view if the devices are applied successfully. Long-term treatment may furthermore compensate curvatures of the penis. The results of long-term application are likely to be long-term.. 

If the devices are used for short periods of time, temporary elongations of the penis may result from stretching effects.

Furthermore, an elongation treatment may have the same effect on the cavernous body as weight training and may improve its erection hardness and the general sexual stamina.

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The physiological mode of operation of PeniMaster® penis expanders