PeniMaster for penis enlargement in detail

PeniMaster® operating instructions

PeniMaster is delivered in a completely assembled condition. For this, please also observe the application videos and the PeniMaster operating instructions as .pdf file

Step 1

Illustration: PeniMaster base ring with extension rods before being screwed on

Adjust PeniMaster to the length of your stretched, non-erect penis by using the extension rods.

Step 2

Illustration: penis with applied comfort belt and put-on base ring with base rods

Slide the penis through the base ring and wrap the comfort belt around the penis. Before wrapping, the foreskin may be retracted.

Step 3

Illustration: penis with put-on base ring and positioned holding belt

Put the holding belt right behind the head of the penis.

Step 4

Illustration of the penis fixed with the holding belt in the holding support with the base ring put on

Slide both ends of the holding belt through the slits in the support base and carefully tighten until the penis is strapped in.

Step 5

Illustration of clipping in the rods into the holding support from below.

From the bottom, push the extension rods up into the support base.

Step 6

Illustration of the screw thread of the holding support.

Adjust the pull by turning the screw thread of the pull control mechanism.


Illustration of PeniMaster applied to the penis in the wearing variant pointing downwards.

PeniMaster is now properly adjusted. Depending on your personal preference, you can wear the device pointing upward or downward.


Fanned out standing operating instructions PeniMaster

Click here to download the complete operating instructions for PeniMaster.
Note: To view the .pdf document you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download a free version of the software.

Video: Applying PeniMaster® to the penis