The PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view


What is PeniMaster PeniMaster®PRO?

PeniMaster PRO is an anatomically self-adapting connection to the glans of the penis. The device provides for physiologically proper fixation of the glans, in order to be able to elongate the penis in connection with pulling force generators*. The product is suitable for men of any age with circumcised or uncircumcised penises, and matches each glans and, thus, penis size.

Functional principle and fields of application

The concept of the system allows for training the penis in a varied, variable, and motivation-supporting manner. Within the framework of an elongation treatment, physiologically efficient pulling forces are transferred to the entire penis and to the glans. Similar to the concept of strength training, the aforementioned results in the present cell tissue becoming more powerful (improvement of libido and erection) and in new tissue being built in a shaping manner (elongation, thickening, and straightening of the penis).

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Bio functional design - the particularities of PeniMaster®PRO

In doing so, PeniMaster PRO is fixed exclusively to the glans as the ideal pulling position, in order to elongate the penis uniformly over its entire length. No additional parts are attached to the very penis for fixation purposes, on the basis of which for example the pubic hair would have to be removed.

PeniMaster PRO can be used immediately upon operations on the penis with the formation of scars (e.g. correction of Induratio penis plastica) and for very short penises as well. PeniMaster PRO adapts spontaneously to shape and size of the glans, independent of the erective condition of the same - and not the glans to the system: during application penis and glans may enlarge or become smaller. The fixing unit adapts to any number of erection cycles maintaining its complete functionality. However, in connection with the pulling force used the anatomically shaped system also stimulates the growth and consequently a more voluminous, plastic-cosmetic advantageous shape of the Glans penis (glans).

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Completely assembled PeniMaster PRO Basis glans fixation with standard valve

Penimaster Made in Germany


The fixation of the penis for an elongation treatment

The penis is a flexible organ without any stable bone structure that has the most different sizes and consistencies (degrees of hardness) depending on the blood flow condition. This way, the penis for example often is significantly smaller in its flaccid, soft condition after having taken a bath in the cold sea, compared to the erective condition. This is also applicable to the glans penis (glans).

On the basis of the aforementioned reasons it is a very challenging task to fix (hold) the penis in a way that physiological functions such as blood flow, erection ability, or sensitivity are maintained during the period of fixation – and that the penis still does not slip out of a fixing unit if the same is pulled.

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