The PeniMaster PRO basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view


The physically different forces for glans fixation

PeniMaster PRO holds the glans by means of three physically different forces, the combination of which offers a maximum holding force while simultaneously conserving the tissue: vacuumadhesion and positive-locking fit.

[!] Fixation techniques based on pressing, crushing, or bracing (so-called “frictional connection”) of penis and glans are not used as regards to design and concept.


PeniMaster PRO holds the penis in elongated position in an absolutely reliable manner, even if the same can no longer be fixed and slips out on the basis of sweat, greases, or oils in conventional devices.

PeniMaster®PRO combines the following physical holding forces

1. Positive-locking fit - the trailer coupling principle

A latex diaphragm adapting automatically to the shape of the glans and having a thickness of only 0.3 millimetres coats the glans when the same is introduced into the glans chamber of PeniMaster PRO in a practically inseparable manner - without compressing (crushing) the glans or expanding (swelling) the same by means of the vacuum. In this, the diaphragm tensioned on the basis of the vacuum maintains the shape of the glans even if pulling force is applied.

The internal contour of the glans chamber is adapted to the shape of a glans and contributes to the fact that the same cannot slip out of the system. In order to further adapt the shape to the circumference of the penis, adapter rings may be inserted into the aperture area of the glans chamber, upon request. This way, the device can be adapted in the best possible manner to each man.

By means of the aforementioned, glans, diaphragm, and glans chamber hold each other safely with PeniMaster PRO - similar to the parts of a trailer coupling. This “positive-locking connection” is maintained by means of an adaptive diaphragm, even if the glans enlarges or is reduced in size during application - an extraordinary feature of PeniMaster PRO. As the pulling force is distributed equally in a rectangular manner to the entire surface of the glans, the load of the tissue is at a minimum. PeniMaster PRO can be worn without considerable application of force onto the glans.

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Completely assembled glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basis with standard valve

Penimaster Made in Germany


  • combines three physical types of force for penis fixation (positive-locking fit, vacuum, adhesion)
  • does not use any fixation techniques exerting pressure on the penis
  • offers ideal physiological compatibility at
    maximum fixation performance
  • holds reliably - not only regarding the de-greased, dry penis
  • anatomically adaptive diaphragm for continuous adaptation to the glans during application
  • anatomically adapted glans chamber against glans deformation
The importance of positive-locking fit for penis fixation

Positive-locking fit is the mechanically most stable and powerful physical holding force. The positive-locking fit connects bodies in an inseparable manner; the force is transferred nearly without losses: bicycle chain and geared ring, screw and nut, or hook and eyelet are connected by means of positive-locking fit. As regards to penis enlargement, the huge psychological advantage of positive-locking fit is the unique combination of maximum holding force at simultaneously minimum load for glans and penis. However, the examples mentioned above show that positive-locking fit assumes (mostly) solid bodies – at which the consistency of the penis with its flexible structure basically is opposed to this requirement.
However and on the basis of the extraordinary physical- physiological advantages, it was the ambitious objective to utilise “positive-locking fit” as essential holding force for fixing the penis when PeniMaster PRO was developed.

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