The PeniMaster PRO Basic glans fixation for penis enlargement in sectional view


2. Adhesion - the principle of adhesive cream for false teeth

Adhesion (adhesive force) results from the profound, anatomically shaped surface contact of diaphragm and glans in connection with contact liquid* in PeniMaster PRO: a (separable) connection on molecular level. For example, adhesive agents fixing false teeth within the mouth area work similarly, or the adhesion of contact lenses on the eye. Moist, plain glass plates placed directly on top of each other can be relocated easily as regards to their position towards each other, but can only be separated with difficulty on the basis of adhesion.

View video on adhesion

With non-anatomically shaped extension devices without positive-locking fit fixing the penis or the glans with pressure forces (frictional connection), liquids reducing the friction of the penis will result in the opposite result: in this case the penis will slip out when exposed to higher pulling forces.

3. Vacuum that can be metered - the suction cup principle

The gentle vacuum in PeniMaster PRO primarily is designed to apply the adaptive diaphragm around the glans just like a tailor-made suit in an anatomically coherent manner and, thus, to hold the same in position in a flexible and dimensionally stable manner for the transfer of the pulling force. The diaphragm buffers the vacuum required for the aforementioned within the glans chamber towards the glans tissue in a protective manner. Thanks to this vacuum having only indirect effects on the glans, bubbles, lymph swellings, or an undersupply of the tissue with oxygen (hypoxia) are prevented in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, as the glans does not have to be pressed against the internal walls of the hollow chamber by means of vacuum-based pressure in order to adhere to the same (disadvantageous frictional connection, see above) thanks to the type of positive-locking fit (see above), the vacuum within PeniMaster PRO ultimately is as low as possible and can be metered for each glans size. The “coarse vacuum” efficient within PeniMaster PRO can also be re-adjusted after having applied the device to the penis at any time (i.e. increased or reduced). On the basis of the interaction with the efficient types of force “positive-locking fit” and “adhesion” (see above), a reduction of the vacuum does not result in the glans immediately slipping out of the device, thus.

Completely assembled glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basis with standard valve

Penimaster Made in Germany


  • adapted area contact with the glans allows for using contact liquid resulting in adhesive connection forces
  • vacuum serves as diaphragm stabiliser and allows for positive-locking fit as superior fixation force
  • vacuum is buffered by diaphragm and can be adjusted as low as individually possible
  • on the basis of the anatomically shaped glans chamber, the glans must not be pressed against the internal walls
  • thus, no over-expansion of the tissue either
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