The glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basic for penis enlargement in sectional view

The adaptive adhesion diaphragm of PeniMaster®PRO

The anatomically adaptive adhesion diaphragm produced specifically for PeniMaster PRO transfers the pulling force to the penis and dynamically adapts to the shape and the size of the glans. This way, PeniMaster PRO is also suitable for very small glanses respectively penises.

During application the extremely elastic diaphragm made of medical latex (condom quality) covers the glans in a positive-locking manner without squeezing the glans: Glans and diaphragm are sucked into the glans chamber by means of vacuum as closely and adhesively connected, flexible unit, where the glans can develop its natural shape and size. Even during the elongation treatment the glans is able to enlarge or shrink within the (adaptive) diaphragm as required. The fixing capacity of the system is maintained. Furthermore, the diaphragm has the effect of a protective buffer between the vacuum inside PeniMaster PRO and the glans preventing the tissue from facing an undersupply of oxygen (hypoxia) or swellings.

Product advantages:

  • adapts dynamically to shape and size of the glans, without squeezing
  • protects the glans against adverse effects of the vacuum
  • heavy duty and tear-resistant
  • 3-year service life
  • condom quality

Penimaster Made in Germany


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