The PeniMaster PRO rod penis expander system in sectional view

The PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system

PeniMaster PRO + rod pulling force generator = PeniMaster PRO rod expander

rod pulling force generatorof the PeniMaster ® PRO system has proven its worth for many years in PeniMaster with holding belt technology.

In connection with PeniMaster PRO, the rod pulling force generator allows for elongating the penis in an axially symmetrical manner without abutment far from the penis (attachment location). This means that no other bodily part or piece of clothing is required to generate the pulling force on the glans chamber and that the pulling force is nearly the same at all positions of the penis. By using the rod expander, the penis can be elongated either in an upwards or a downwards direction or diagonally - and this has proven to be unobtrusive, even under normal clothing. Thus, many activities of day-to-day life can be implemented without any problems.

Allows for physiologically ideal implementation of the treatment

Furthermore, the rod expander allows for a unique execution of the treatment: the elongation in the physiological position of the erected penis. In this, the penis can be elongated up to the right angle away from the body, similar to the natural erection - which obviously cannot be implemented unobtrusively under the clothes and is reserved to the domestic area (e.g. lying on the back watching television). In doing so, there are no bending moments (at the penis basis) or counter pressure effects to the sides of the penis. The base ring is used to absorb the compressive force to the pubic bone only. This axially symmetrical application exercise is ideal from a physiological point of view.

PeniMaster PRO in combination with the PeniMaster rod pulling force generator

Penimaster Made in Germany

PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system

  • rod system adjusted to PeniMaster PRO
  • mechanics approved a thousand times
  • allows for axially symmetrical penis elongation
  • can be worn unobtrusively under or diagonally under the clothes
  • elongation of the penis at a right angle to the body possible (simulated erection position)
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