The PeniMaster PRO rod penis expander system in sectional view

PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system technical data

PeniMaster PRO rod expander system (item no. PMP-002)

Rod pulling force generator (EPMP-008 / EPMP-008-G)

  • Overall length (minimum / maximum): 2.8" – 12.8" / 70 – 325mm
  • Applicable to penis lengths of (referring to the length of the penis when stretched): 2.0 " – 11.8" / 50 – 300mm
  • Maximum expansion length (by using additional extension rods, which may be bought separately): Unlimited
  • Width, Base ring: 2.7" / 67mm
  • Height, Base ring: 2.7" / 67mm Support base incl. holding belt: 1.2" / 30mm
  • Inner diameter, base ring: 1.7" / 43mm Note:
    This is sufficient even for very thick penises because during the stretching process, they are thinner than during an erection.
  • Weight without extension rods: 90 grams
    Extended to 12,8" / 32cm: 212 grams
  • Extension of the spring scale: 0.6" / 15mm
  • Number of levels for the pull control indicator: 5
  • Range of pull controlled by the spring scale: 0-1150 Grams
  • Range of fine tuning through the screw thread: 0.8" / 21mm
  • Length of device adjustable in steps of: 0.2" / 5mm
  • Material used for extension rods: Brass, chrome coated, hand polished
  • Synthetic materials consist of: PE / PTE / polycarbonate (glass fibre-reinforced)
  • Cleaning possible in soapy water: Yes
  • Rustproof: Yes
  • Technical data of the contained PeniMaster PRO basic system and of the application systems and accessories
PeniMaster PRO in combination with the PeniMaster rod pulling force generator

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