The PeniMaster PRO rod penis expander system in sectional view

The PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system for penis elongation

Symmetrical penis elongation with integrated pulling force indicator

In connection with PeniMaster PRO, the rod pulling force generator allows for elongating the penis in an axially symmetrical manner without abutment far from the penis (attachment location).

Furthermore, the rod expander allows for a unique execution of the treatment: the elongation in the physiological position of the erected penis.

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Product advantages

  • utilises patented PeniMaster PRO Basic (self-adapting anatomic connection to the glans of the penis)
  • For defined traction on the penis. Uniquely robust.
  • allows for physiologically ideal elongation variant
  • integrated pulling force measurement per spring balance
  • pulling force display: 0 - approx. 1150 g (higher pulling forces possible, but not recommended for safety reasons).
  • adjustable for every penis length
  • can be worn optionally in an upwards or downwards direction
  • glass fibre-reinforced, highly stable plastic materials
  • can be worn discretely underneath the normal clothes in day-to-day life
  • no accessories required
  • application over night is possible (read more)

more about PeniMaster PRO rod expander

PeniMaster PRO in combination with the PeniMaster rod pulling force generator

Penimaster Made in Germany

PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system

[!] PeniMaster PRO already has to be attached to the penis

The coupling socket is clipped to the rods of the pulling force generator Application of the rods to the penis in direction of the body and PeniMaster PRO

Turn the lettering PeniMaster to the top position, press the coupling socket onto the rods. Press in the pre-set rods.

The already positioned PeniMaster PRO is clipped into the coupling socket Scaling of the spring balance of the base ring of PeniMaster PRO with gram information

Clip in PeniMaster PRO from the top and release rods. Adjust the pulling force to between 200 and 1150 grams.

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