The glans fixation PeniMaster PRO Basic for penis enlargement in sectional view

Split adapter for PeniMaster®PRO

Using the split adapters for PeniMaster PRO, the diameter of the aperture of the glans chamber can be reduced in two stages and, thus, adapted ideally to different penis diameters. This can further improve the positive-locking fit of the glans chamber and the contour adaptation of the adhesion diaphragm with the glans of the penis. On the basis of the split of the adapters in two halves, they can be removed from the penis quickly and easily at any time.

The halves of an adapter pair are pushed into the aperture of the glans chamber (see operating instructions). The diaphragm subsequently stretched over the aperture fixes the rings against falling out accidentally. When PeniMaster PRO is attached to the penis, the diaphragm pulls the split adapters firmly towards the glans chamber, like an integral part. The spilt adapters are flush with the edge of the glans chamber and seamlessly continue to contour of the chamber on the inside.

Selection of a split adapter for the corresponding penis diameter
If the penis diameter is

  • more than 24mm: no split adapter
  • between 19 – 24mm: narrow split adapter
  • less than 19mm: wide split adapter

Product advantages:

  • for ideal adaptation of PeniMaster PRO to every penis diameter
  • to improve the fixing capacity
  • two different interior diameters covered by the scope of delivery
  • adapter separated into two halves (strangulation protection)
The different designs of the split adapter of PeniMaster PRO
Rear view PeniMaster PRO basic with inserted split adapters with different diameters

Penimaster Made in Germany

The split adapters for  PeniMaster®PRO

  • increase the fixing capacity by adaptation to the penis diameter
  • strangulation protection due to separation into two halves
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