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Medical report Dr. Ruslan Petrovich regarding PeniMaster®PRO (2)

The often unsatisfactory result of an operative elongation of the penis can be explained by the fact that the patient is not able to wear the extenders with loop or belt fixation used subsequently. Either because the support fails or causes pain, a fact that may also be attributable to the specific anatomy of the penis (small glans; long foreskin; short frenulum), as well as other individual features (low threshold of pain, thin, sensitive skin, chronic inflammation).

Editor's note:
After an operation on the penis, the cicatricial tissue may contract thwarting the operatively achieved elongation of the penis this way.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
I firmly believe that the application of PeniMaster PRO after an operative penis enhancement is very efficient based on the subsequent comfortable elongation.

Supplement from 29 January 2013
I very much appreciate the fact that the interest in PeniMaster PRO is growing. I have been working with this model in my clinical practice for more than a month. Up to the present day, more than thirty patients consulted me who either bought PeniMaster PRO through me or already brought the device to the consultation.

I would like to report further about their and my own experiences. At the first glance, the system may appear to be somewhat complicated. An impression shared by some members of our Andro Forum who were not able to properly apply the device right away. The experiences of Nik, who by now is very satisfied with the device after some initial difficulties, are exemplary. Since the extender is fixed easily and safely to the penis within a few seconds when handled properly in accordance with the instructions. Thereafter, the device can be worn very comfortably over extended periods of time.

Therefore, when my patients wear the device for the first time, I apply the device myself and I set the length of the rod pulling force generator and the vacuum for them. In so doing, I take into consideration their personal feeling and feeling of comfort. Then, the patients wear the device for approx. two hours for probational purposes on the penis and report their experiences to me afterwards.

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Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Penimaster Made in Germany
Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO
  • Results of operative penis enhancements often were unsatisfactory, since no powerful penis expanders were available for post-operative treatment
  • Dr. Petrovich expects enhanced operative results when using PeniMaster PRO for elongating the tissue within the framework of post-operative treatment.
  • Dr. Petrovich has already successfully applied PeniMaster PRO to the penises of thirty patients within one month (January 2013).
  • The device may seem to be complex at the first glance.
  • If handled properly, PeniMaster PRO can be applied to the penis within a few seconds and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.