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Medical report Dr. Ruslan Petrovich regarding PeniMaster®PRO (3)

The PeniMaster PRO penis extender is not a usual vacuum device. Rather, it combines vacuum with other bonding forces.

At first, the glans is sucked into the glans chamber with the help of vacuum where it is kept in shape. There, adhesion ("adhesive power") and mechanical tight fit (due to the shape of the flexible diaphragm and the vacuum chamber, also in connection with the split adapters) act as additional fixing forces.

Since these retention forces complement each other, the result is a very safe fixation of the glans while simultaneously minimising undesired side-effects of the individual forces. If PeniMaster PRO were something like a traditional vacuum device, the risk of sustaining an injury would be significantly higher when wearing the device for extended periods of time. If the product comprised a merely mechanical fixation of the penis (loop expander), the possible wearing times would not be sufficient due to arising pain.

Furthermore, merely mechanical systems are hardly suitable for patients with small or sensitive glanses.

No problems with the 30 extenders tested up to now

The extender is universally usable. Up to date, I applied "PeniMaster PRO" to more than thirty patients. I was able to successfully apply the device to every single one of those patients in such a way that that it was possible to immediately wear the device for propational purposes in the hospital over an initial period of 1-2 hours comfortably and without any problems or pain. In this, the patients moved freely through the entire hospital, climbed stairs, went for a walk, or ate something in the canteen.

After this test, all patients purchased PeniMaster PRO. Those who had used an expander with loop fixation before were enthusiastic.

However, there were also patients with specific problems whom I advised against wearing the device. This included a patient with a pathologically hypersensitive glans who already felt strong pain during minor contact, which indicated an operative desensitisation. The foreskin of another patient was sucked into the vacuum chamber and engorged due to the penile frenulum being too short. Before using an extender, this also would have required to be corrected surgically.

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Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Penimaster Made in Germany
Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO
  • PeniMaster PRO is not a usual vacuum expander.
  • Due to the three combined retention forces (adhesion, positiv locking fit, vacuum), the fixation is good and comfortable at the same time.
  • A simple penis expander featuring a simple vacuum cup (without physiologic perfect fit with the glans as with PeniMaster PRO) would result in a higher risk of injuries.
  • significantly more powerful than expanders with loop fixation
  • by the beginning of 2013, tested successfully during day-to-day life with more than thirty patients during one month already
  • only not recommendable for the penis in the event of a few indications