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Medical report Dr. Ruslan Petrovich regarding PeniMaster®PRO (4)

Since the device also works without adaptive diaphragm as a matter of principle*, this diaphragm may be relinquished under some circumstances. Since the diaphragm makes it more difficult to suck in the glans into the vacuum chamber in some cases. As far as I am concerned, I do not use it. However, the gel must be prevented from penetrating the valve (which may have adverse effects on the function of the device). Therefore, I remove the valve and clean it from the inside using a handkerchief at regular intervals.

*Editor's note: Men whose glans does not completely fill the chamber should not wear PeniMaster PRO without diaphragm. Moreover, we absolutely recommend that all users use the device in accordance with the user manual, including the mounted adaptive adhesion diaphragm! This diaphragm improves the fixation of the system by dynamically adapting to every glans shape and size. Furthermore, the diaphragm protects the glans against the vacuum in the glans chamber and prevents the ingress of liquids (sweat, maintenance products) into the valve

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Opinion from 1/29/13, continued.

The vacuum in the system must be adjusted. The glans is fixed properly in most cases by operating the pump ball once, possibly one and a half times.

Editor's note:
The diaphragm (including the glans) can be sucked-in in several steps, without having to remove the pump ball from PeniMaster PRO.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Afterwards, the glans must not protrude from the glans chamber. This can be checked by slightly pulling the sluice ring from the glans chamber. If the rim of the glans is still visible, re-pumping is required. Sometimes, a split adapter must be used in order to reduce the opening diameter of the glans chamber.*

*Editor's note:
for low penis diameters)

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
Inside, the glans should not be pushed excessively against the split adapters, since this shifts the mode of operation of the system to its mechanical fixing component*. If the glans is pushed excessively against the split adapter, this is mostly indicated by dull pain. Slight re-pumping results in the glans being sucked further to the front towards the valve and in the rim of the glans being relieved.

*Editor's note:
PeniMaster PRO combines positive locking fit (mechanical fixation), adhesion, and vacuum for gently and safely fixing the glans.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich:
A practical example: the extender is applied to the penis using the rod pulling force generator. The visual inspection by pulling away the sluice ring from the glans chamber confirms that the glans has been sucked into the glans chamber completely and properly. Nevertheless, the patient experiences dull pain (in the rim of the glans).

Now, all one has to do is to uncouple the rods from the glans chamber, reapply the pump ball for pumping off some air (without having to remove the glans chamber from the glans beforehand), and reconnect the rods to the glans chamber. The pain is now gone.

This way, the design of PeniMaster PRO allows for a very comfortable extension of the penis, even after an operative penis enhancement (ligamentomy). This reliable fixation allows for permanent tissue elongation after the surgical intervention, whereby the maximum operation result can only be achieved after all.

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Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

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Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO
  • application without adaptive adhesion diaphragm possible in the event of a large glans (but not recommendable)
  • Problems arising during application may be eliminated by simply adjusting the vacuum in order to balance the combination of positive locking fit, adhesion, and vacuum.