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Opinion from 11 February 2013

The extender really is very good.

All difficulties that may possibly occur during application are irrelevant given the safe and comfortable fixation of the penis. This is my personal opinion as a user of PeniMaster PRO and also my professional assessment.

In my opinion, this extender currently is the best device for use after a surgical intervention and also for elongating the penis conservatively without any operation.

At this point, I venture to provide an assessment that may be unethical. Maybe I will delete this text one day as a result. Nevertheless: when asked what I can recommend, PeniMaster PRO or an extender with loop fixation, I use an analogy of automobiles. If the task is to get from "point A" to "point B", this can be done in a simple vehicle (I do not want to mention any brands) or in a comfortable luxury model. If one never drove a simple model, one takes the amenities of the luxury model for granted and cannot really appreciate them, the same holds true for the topic of penis enhancement. The task is to elongate the penis. To this end, a device must be selected and the available devices are also characterised by significant differences regarding their suitability for this purpose.

Of course, I am happy for all patients using PeniMaster PRO as their first extender. On the other hand, they are not able to feel the same enthusiasm as I feel, since I am able to compare the device to traditional extenders from my own application experience.

Between 2005 and 2009, I conducted roughly 120 to 150 operative penis enhancements. I did not consult these patients before the surgical intervention, I was only the surgeon in charge. This task also included instructing the patients as to how to handle a penis extender after the surgical intervention. I can say that half of the men I operated simply were not able to apply the extenders available back then, since these did not fit. This includes all extenders, both with loop and with belt fixation.

In the majority of the cases, this affected men with small, flattened penis glans or long foreskin. The holding belt simply slipped off. Loop fixations even squeezed the penis head due to the foam material and additionally irritated the skin. All of this was only practical to a very small extent.

Born out of necessity, I invented a penis bandaging technique using Peha adhesive tape. This provided a solution to the problem of insufficient fixation, but did not result in any improvement of the wearing comfort.

Why do I write this?

Since many patients did not achieve any satisfactory final result from operation simply because they did not achieve sufficient elongation of the operated penis during post-operative treatment over extended periods of time! If I had had PeniMaster PRO already back then, the efficiency of the surgical interventions would have been very significantly higher thanks to the device.

I can say that I have found the perfect extender for my day-to-day practice in PeniMaster PRO.

Despite the price of the device, I absolutely recommend using PeniMaster PRO to all of my patients I consult or whose penis I operate on.

I also only recommend using PeniMaster PRO as the most efficient penis extender by far to patients wanting to enlarge their penis conservatively without an operation or to those patients without a medical indication for a surgical intervention.

Since I attach great importance to results, I will continue to drive the topic. May goal is to achieve the maximum efficiency regarding the penis enhancement technique.

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Dr. Ruslan Petrovich

Penimaster Made in Germany
Dr. Ruslan Petrovich about PeniMaster PRO
  • The product advantages outweigh all initial difficulties when getting to know PeniMaster PRO.
  • Dr. Petrovich considers PeniMaster PRO to be the best device for penis elongation.
  • For users of traditional devices, PeniMaster PRO represents huge progress.
  • Dr. Petrovich uses PeniMaster PRO in the clinical area for post-operative treatment after penis operations.
  • PeniMaster PRO is the first product he can recommend to his patients without any restrictions or even his own modifications to the product.
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